Sustainability Software Profiling

Sustainability profililng

Sustainability Software Profiling ( SuSoftPro ) is a research project to analyse sustainability requirements of software systems.

In order to provide sustainable software, we should develop software with respect to an individual, social, technical, economic and environmental sustainability dimensions;

  1.  Individual needs should be protected and supported with dignity.
  2. Relationships should be equitable, diverse, connected and democratic.
  3. Technology should be able to cope with the changes and evolution efficiently and with respect for natural resources.
  4. A positive economic value and capital growth should be ensured and maintained.
  5. Natural resources have to be protected from human needs and wastes.

The current result of our research is a framework having:

  • Firstly: Fuzzy Rating Scale (FRS) method to collect data from all stakeholders via rating requirements with respect to sustainability dimensions,
  • Secondly, multi-criteria decision analysis method as Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) to analysis stakeholders’ responses,
  • Thirdly, generating a sustainable software profile having: sustainability five-star rating, bar or polar graph for the five sustainability dimensions, and a bar graph for each requirement.

This profile presents how sustainable eLearning systems, what is the level of each sustainability dimensions, and how sustainable each requirement of eLearning systems.


SuSoftPro is a web-based tool having the following functionality:

  • Building a questionnaire,
  • Creating and assigning group(s),
  • Establishing or importing requirement lists,
  • Managing stakeholders,
  • Rating requirements via the FRS with regard to sustainability questions,
  • Analysing responses using TOPSIS, and
  • Generating software sustainability profiling.



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